About SimonSeow.com

What’s it all about?

As le tagline says, its a repository for me to keep some of my works, before I misplace them (again).

Being in the public part of my website, you are free to read them. Use them as is, as long as you attribute them back to me or to this website.

What things do I write, discuss and think about? Pretty much anything.

Enterprise Architecture, Business and systems Analysis, Programme and Project Management, Tai Chi, Mind-body altering thoughts, Food. Anything until I get a chance to place them in the appropriate category or site.

The only thing I dislike and try to steer away from, are mundane views on mundane thing, or worse, giving you a day to day account of my personal events. But there will be unorthodox views (so they tell me) on mundane thing.  Also, I do not intend to rant and rave against anything here. If you catch any of that, I will be grateful for your telling me, please. (email to ->  simon1 AT simonseow DOT COM ).

All the best,


Latest info will be via the blog part of this site.

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